Welcome to PingPod Bristol.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a table is waiting for you at PingPod. Book tables, get coaching, play in club nights and more.

How it works

Reserve a table at the Bristol PingPod and play! Our tables are available through a quick and easy booking system — so you can play anytime from the hours of 7am-11pm all day, every day.

Next Generation Venue

PingPod is more than just a space — it's a community of passionate table tennis enthusiasts. No matter your level or experience, become a Pod Member today!

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Hands down the best place to play in the UK! PingPod has brought table tennis into the 21st century! If you’re a casual player, looking to chill and make some friends, it’s here. If you’re a pro who needs a hard sparring session, you’re in for a treat. The attention to detail is incredible! Need a coach, they got you.

Need a replay of that sick shot you just hit for your Instagram story……guess what……. THEY GOT YOU!

Joe Ratajczak
Bristol Senior Champion
When I went to the New York Pod I automatically fell in love with the conditions, environment and people. I cannot believe we now have a local one in Bristol!

Louis Price
England Junior Player
I look forward to my coaching session every week. Dan and the team have made something truly special at the Pod.

Keith Gammon
Loves ping pong
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To play at PINGPOD requires PROOF OF VACCINATION as part of the KEY TO NYC

To play at PINGPOD requires PROOF OF VACCINATION as part of the KEY TO NYC